A Photo A Day: MOMA, cityscapes, and a walk back home

Day #1.

My challenge of a photo a day started with an easy day.  Who doesn’t take their camera on a trip to the City, let alone a when you’re spending time at a museum?  We had tickets to the Edvard Munch exhibit at MOMA and then took some time to peruse through other galleries. There were a few of Munch’s quotes that stood out to me, but this one made me pause: “The camera cannot compete with painting as long as it cannot be used in Heaven or Hell.” I don’t know if that’s true. I have great hope that if I’m lucky enough to land in heaven, God will make sure I have a camera in hand. As for Hell, I’ll probably be handed a paintbrush. Heaven help me.

Meanwhile, here are some of my favorite shots from MOMA:

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After the museum, Husband and I had some time to walk around a bit and grab some lunch. Yerba Buena Center is a wonderful community all its own, so we took a stroll through there before heading out to find a cute little alley we remembered that had some restaurants.  Turns out the restaurants were all closed, but we grabbed some burgers at Super Duper before heading home. You can’t beat Super Duper!

With messy burgers in hand, I noticed Husband’s old Nikon FM camera that he recently dug out of the closet, just sitting there.  Here’s where I decided what “a shot a day” really meant.  Looking into and seeing what’s there. Zooming in for a closer look. Noticing.

On the way to BART, there was a beautiful old building that I probably should have taken more time with. Notice in the close-up of the columns, the man’s reflection in the door.  He’s across the street, in front of another columned building. The things you notice after you press the shutter!

Back at home, after a short nap, it was time to take the dog for a walk.  I take my challenges seriously, so I grabbed my camera.  This is where I knew the challenge would be greater — on a walk that we do daily, to see something new — something worthy of seeing. Right away, Husband pointed out our squirrel.  I call him “our” squirrel because he’s taken up residence in one of our trees and is single-handedly gnawing it to pieces.  Now, he was in our oak, with a huge acorn, staring down at us. It’s not very clear, but he’s looking a little fat and sassy to me.  Along our walk, the flowers gave me a chance to practice with my micro settings — and the small barn is just a reminder to go back to the llama farm and shoot at sunset. Trust me, there were llamas, just out of the frame.

Obviously, yesterday was a great day for shooting. It didn’t really feel like a challenge at all. I suspect that the next 29 days may not all be the same.  I also realize that so much will depend on my willingness to stretch, to see something new, maybe in a new way. My challenge will demand I take the time.

Are you shooting every day?  I’m curious to know what your challenges are. What gets in your way?  How do you get past it?  And how do you fit it all in with the daily demands of life?  Or do you just consider photography one of those inescapable, compelling things?

Until tomorrow . . .


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  1. Great shots!! I probably take pictures every day, but I don’t always like what I shoot every day….. thought about going to a spot in the Parke every day and just taking a picture ….you know, so it would look like time lapse almost. I watched a movie once where the main character did that and I always thought it was cool idea

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    1. barbganias says:

      thanks — and the time lapse idea is a cool one. I’ve also thought about time of day and seasonal shots — but where I live we don’t have stark seasons like back east. I think I’m going to focus on the every day things I use and the daily things I do. I might also start playing with filters. There’s so much to explore!

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      1. I know! It’s really fun. I’m actually raking a one day photography class next month! I really have no skills, but I would love to learn more

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      2. barbganias says:

        I’ve taken a few classes and loved every one. I especially loved when we would develop b&w film. Next, I want to take a Photoshop class. I might dabble back in film . . . Husband has whet my appetite by digging out his old camera!

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      3. Ooh…that sounds fun! Photoshop is amazing, all the things you can do!

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      4. barbganias says:

        I know! I just have to make the time to sign up for a class! Eventually . . .

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      5. I saw a Groupon come up! I jumped on it!

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      6. barbganias says:

        For a Photoshop class? Wow! If it’s on line, that may not be the best for me. I need someone to hold my hand . . . HA!

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Oh no. Live class….I just got a discount coupon! I need so much hand holding!

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