A Photo a Day: Another 30 Day Challenge

I bought this book, The Photographers Playbook, at the Oakland Museum not too long ago in the hopes that it would give me some creative ideas for my photography. It is chock full of imaginative and inspirational ideas to expand how I see the world.

There is one thing that I must do more often than I make time for, and I know it. I must shoot every day. But then I get stuck. I keep thinking that it’s only interesting if I’m someplace new — someplace interesting and maybe even exotic.  The truth is, though, that there is always something worthy of being captured visually.  As one of the entries in my new books says:  “Photographs must be made every day; no exceptions.”

And so . . . starting today, I will shoot and post at least one picture a day for the next 30 days. No exceptions. Why don’t you join me?

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