Take a hike, clear your mind.

Husband was knee deep in problems with his work and I was feeling out of sorts without knowing why — so when he suggested, last minute, that we head out to the Sunol Regional Wilderness for a hike, I couldn’t get my shoes on fast enough. Sure, we were heading out at the heat of the day, but there’d be that cool, occasional breeze.  And yes, the light was noon-day harsh, casting unwelcome shadows and exposing the slight haze in the air, but the respite from the monotony of a Sunday afternoon was worth it.  Here are a few shots I captured along the way:

As we turned a corner, Husband came to a full stop. “Whoa!  Hi there!”  When Toby, our yellow lab, caught sight of camouflaged Bessie, he started hyperventilating.  I was so glad he was on leash at that moment.

I was grateful we’d brought along water bottles because there was a climb over the ridge I wasn’t ready for. Toby was grateful, too.  Poor, old dog — no one warned him about the hills either. God bless Husband who would cup his hands, full of water, so Toby could lap up happily.

The temperatures around here seem to be cooling off, ever so slightly, and we’re heading into shorter days. Hiking around the Bay Area is one of the perks of living here, where the traffic and pace of life can turn one’s hair gray.  To have wilderness so close is something to treasure. To have someone in your life who says, without planning, “Let’s go!” is priceless.

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