“What’s this button do?” On Kauai, playing around with the settings on my Panasonic Point-n-Shoot (Write Every Day 27)

We stuck pretty close to the hotel today, driving only up to Kapaa and into Lihue to see if we could find a shoulder strap for my camera. There, we had lunch at Bubba’s Burgers. The rest of the day,  I spent experimenting with my camera.  I should mention that I don’t carry a tri-pod when I am traveling.  My patience isn’t that great, so it’s nice to have a camera that doesn’t seem to care.

As usual, I was up at 5 am, waiting for daybreak.  The quiet of morning, just before dawn, is probably my favorite time of day.  Thought I’d see what my new little Panasonic could do on its “night” setting.  Here’s what it did:

The wind was howling and the skies were threatening rain, but it was all a lot of empty bluster. All for show.  Slowly, the resort came to life:  a father and son walking, a surfer carrying his board out to the ocean, the maintenance guy cleaning the pool.

After my coffee, I grabbed my camera to just take some pictures around the grounds. Hibiscus and orchids grow effortlessly around here.  In fact, you’ll find hibiscus growing like weeds on the side of the road.  And there are chickens.  Everywhere.  We even ran across some baby chicks and their mama.  Mama was rather skittish with me too close, so I had to keep my distance; they were constant motion.

The most fun, though, was standing at the end of the surf, running through all the options on the “Creative Control Mode” setting.  Stars?  You’ve got ’em. Want to bleach your picture?  Got that, too.  And if the Hawaiian islands don’t have enough sunshine, you can add a burst to your picture.

Actually, the most fun was zeroing in on the surfers.  If you look closely, you can see them in some of the pictures above. Just not very well.  Here they are, though. The Panasonic has a pretty incredible zoom.

I couldn’t help but take one shot of the surfer and tidy it up a tiny bit.  I love that you can see the concentration on his face.

surfer poipu

The storms never materialized, until right after the sunset. Almost on cue, the skies carried through on their threat and it rained.  Fortunately, I had enough time to nab a shot before the dark and the rain set in.




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