Finally easing into summer (Write Every Day 28)

I have no words. None.

This isn’t writer’s block.  It’s something else.

I thought finding something to write for a straight 30 days would be challenging, and it was, but up until this morning, I always found in the morning that I had something to say. This morning, my mind is blank. I have nothing pressing to write.  I’m content just breathing in the new day.

The last day of school, days that open with no pressing plans, scorching afternoons demanding an afternoon swim — all signs of summer — don’t necessarily convince me to relax.  It takes time to wind down from the demands of the school year, time to find my summertime rhythm.  Sure, I start planning on the fly, exercising more — this year, writing more.  But the tell-tale sign that my body and mind are truly on their much needed break is when I finally sleep in a little bit.  6:45 instead of 5:00 AM — and I know summer has settled into my bones.  The morning light is still crisp. I’ve lost nothing by sleeping in.  Maybe sometimes, it’s ok not to have the words.  I plan to enjoy it.

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