Back “home” in Kauai: Day 1 (Write Every Day, 26)

The wind is howling and the skies are stormy, but it’s Kauai and I’m sitting on the lanai, enjoying how the skies light up over the ocean.  Yesterday was a long travel day, and we sat on the tarmac for 2 hours before take-off, but the flight was smooth. And worth it. We’ve come here so often over the years, that it really does feel like coming home.


I treated myself to a new Panasonic point-n-shoot (a DC-ZS70, if you’re interested).  My Canon is in the shop and I have a couple of daughters who’ve caught a little bit of the photography bug and are fighting over old cameras, so I splurged.  Several years ago, due to tired, aching shoulders and an impending trip to Greece, I gave up carrying around my Nikon SLR.  I’ve fallen in love with the portability and ease of shooting with these smaller cameras and doubt I’ll ever go back to lugging around all that equipment.

I spent the plane ride yesterday, reading the manual and experimenting with different shots.  There’s only so much you can shoot from the middle seat. This one is my favorite:


I’ll be out and about experimenting again today and will post more tomorrow.  For now, I’ve got to grab another cup of coffee and enjoy these tropical winds.

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