Respite: November Days of Gratitude

I have to make this quick. We are pressed for time as we’re trying to leave early so as maybe to avoid traffic.  Who am I kidding? We’re leaving Southern California and I don’t know if there is ever a good time to avoid traffic here.  It’s getting that way in the Bay Area, too, but we can chat about that another day . . .

Today I am grateful for weekend get-aways, downtime, lazy-days . . . a little battery recharge.  We were lucky enough to come to Newport Beach for the long weekend, where it was a beautiful 70-80 degrees during the day.  We walked on the beach, ate good food, and mostly relaxed.  We had a dose of beach and sun, flowers and birds, and koi ponds with fish.  And finally, last night, I was able to catch the sunset.

Whether it’s a fancy trip to a resort, a camping trip in the forest, or just time to gaze at the clouds, my wish is that everyone gets their share of respite. It’s how we get moving again.

Sunset Newport Beach 2018

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