Women’s March 2018: Oakland, CA

We marched a year ago across the country — and around the world. I had flown to DC as had hundreds of thousands. This year, I stuck closer to home, but in the intervening year, I have continued to protest and march against an administration that seems to only care for the very rich, the very privileged, and the very white. I’ve worked on elections and supported candidates whose vision is to nurture and grow the American dream for ALL. And yesterday, in Oakland, California, the masses came out once again to protest and move forward an agenda of inclusion and activism — one where every person is honored, protected, and lifted up.

It was a beautiful, crisp Bay Area day. It was the kind of day where the blue of the sky looks like a Hollywood backdrop, the buildings sharp lines providing sharp contrast to the homemade signs. The energy of the thousands who gathered, chanted, and sang was palpable and strong. I was holding my sign, my camera, and my phone, so I didn’t get as many shots as I would have liked. As is so often the case, I tried to balance documenting the event and being wholly part of it.

The night before, I prepped my sign. I was both excited and saddened that I was able to recycle my signs from last year. In fact, they seem even more urgent today:

Womens March 2018

We traveled by BART early in the morning. We catch the train at the end of the line and it was heartening to see how many people poured on to the BART train and up the escalators in Oakland. The streets were full of people swarming towards Lake Merritt.

Oakland was just one march among many. Here is just a small sampling from yesterday’s Women’s March.

Since last year, more women are running for office, more people have been registered, and many more have become politically active than ever before. The 2016 election unleashed something YUGE; we will not be quiet. #2018IsOurs.

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