A Photo a Day: My classroom supplies in black and white. Mostly.

Day #3 (and let’s face it . . . I’m really not taking just one shot a day because once I have my camera in hand, it’s kind of irrisistable . . . but I’m not knocking the idea because heck, it’s only Day 3.  I might need a few single shot days!)

Today, I ran out the door to go to work and grabbed my camera. it’s a habit I want to develop. I shoot with a tiny Panasonic Lumix, so it’s not bulky or heavy. The truth is, though, from the minute the kids arrive until they leave, I’m a little busy.  After school, I realized that I STILL hadn’t taken any pictures.  So, I decided to shoot supplies. Why? They were there.

When I got home, I stared at them and decided that the only thing that might make them a little interesting is if I dragged the color out of them.  Yeah, I thought . . . the color in a classroom is really woven into the stuff of learning when the kids are there.  Too much symbolism? I teach English; I like metaphor.

In any case, today I looked at the tiny every day things that make our lives (at least mine, in the classroom) much easier.  Interestingly, I like them grouped the way they are below, rather than single shots.  What do you think?

What in your life makes your job easier? Is it worth a shot?

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