Without My Camera in Hawaii: Questions on how to best use my iPhone camera (an addendum)

My camera broke yesterday.  Unceremoniously, my little Canon workhorse just stopped working.  The timing couldn’t be worse as we’re leaving for our Hawaiian vacation before it will be back from the “authorized dealer” to whom I have to mail it today.

What to do?  (other than cry, that is . . . )

I thought, briefly, about just replacing it while mine is getting repaired, but the cost of that is just dumb.

I have an old iPhone 5s.  It has a camera.  So I’m attempting an attitude shift and will challenge myself to use my iPhone while we’re on vacation.  And this is where I need your advice:

How do I make the most of my smartphone camera?  Do you have any tips for me?  Any secrets?

I’ll promise to post my pics, if they turn out!

Thank you, from the bottom of my little broken-Canon heart.

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