Postcards for Democracy: Want some?

This is a wonderful way to use ART to fuel CHANGE. I’ve just ordered some cards . . . I hope you do, too!

Sketch Away: Travels with my sketchbook

So you’re doing your bit, writing to your senator, sending out those postcards. Thank you! Here’s something for you.

I turned one of my sketches from the Women’s March into a postcard.  Remember this sketch?

It’s now a postcard for you to use. And you can customize it with your message. The one on the left is the postcard I’m printing.. You can keep it simple: Grab a sharpie and add your own message on it before you mail it out. Or get as creative as you want in customizing it!
postcard1postcard4So how do you get some?
I’m sending out sets of 20 to anyone (In the United States only, to keep my postage costs under control) who wants them.
Email me at suhita[at]gmail[dot]com and let me know you want a set. But read on, I’m asking for something…

What I’m asking of you
That you donate $10 to ACLU if…

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