Hiking the Coyote Hills in the Bay Area Can Give You Hope

Sometimes, with all the heartache and ugly in the world, we need to escape – just to have the energy to come back to center, to that place of light. So yesterday, to get away from Facebook and the news which was minute-by-minute coverage of evil and ugly, we put on our hiking shoes and hit one of the bay area Coyote Hills trails.  When you get away you’re able to see the horizon, the wide expanse of sky, and the crazy palette of color, shade, and hue that the earth holds up as a model of how to co-exist in the world. Red rock and dusty earth rest next to the sea . . . wildly growing weeds and grasses soften the earth . . . and chipmunks skitter beside resting egrets and across from hungry flocks of pelicans. Getting outside offers up a few precious moments of peace  . . . and lets you find a sliver of hope in this mad and crazy world.

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  1. That Girl. says:

    lovely photos! 🙂


    1. barbganias says:

      Thank you! It was a lovely day.

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