The South Whispers Warnings

I wrote this two years ago. Who knew it would become even more important over time. This was one of my life’s trips that was life-changing.

Barbara Ganias Comstock

The deep South has as much historical significance as does Boston or DC, but its whispered warnings can often be ignored.  The lessons the South has to offer seem particularly poignant today and so this is where I’ve spent the last week on vacation.  It’s not been like other vacations where ocean breezes and blue waters have calmed the soul.  Here, in Tennessee and Alabama, my soul has been agitated and roused.  My soul has been fortified for the fight ahead — because the past here is loud;  its whispers turn into wails.  We best pay attention.

Nashville, where I visited one of my oldest and dearest friends who I’ve known since kindergarten, was a wonderful place to start.  Surrounded by a city known for its country music, we caught up with each other.  For a day or two, I played tourist.  But it was when I went to Birmingham…

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