Butterflies, Guns, and Freedom: Why I’m So Done with the 2nd Amendment

This post is only a week old and yet we’ve had TWO MORE KILLING SPREES. Is it any wonder that this coincides with the President of the United States escalating his racist rhetoric? He stokes fear and loathing and then he claims hollow thoughts and prayers. How much is enough? How many people will we have to bury? How long before we rise up to the gun epidemic we have in this country?

Barbara Ganias Comstock

There is a reason the young Pavel Friedman wrote from Terezin in 1942 that he “Never Saw Another Butterfly.”  In the Nazi-made ghetto, where freedom was squashed and guards paraded around with guns slung over their shoulders, how could something as free as a butterfly exist?

I’ve been thinking about Pavel a lot lately.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the children of the Holocaust and the children being taken from their parents and caged at our southern border.  And now, I am once again thinking about our children who are gunned down when they are just out doing what children are supposed to do — learning at school, gathering with friends, visiting the Gilroy Garlic Festival.

Yesterday was my 23rd wedding anniversary.  That’s really only meaningful to my husband and me, but it marked the beginning of our life together and the family we’ve created.  On our…

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