Falling Back on the Ballot: November Days of Gratitude

Counting down the days, in gratitude, gets more difficult if you’re tired — and this morning I’m tired. It was a fitful night’s sleep. Maybe you tossed and turned, too. Setting back our digital and analog clocks can throw off our biological ones. Each year we ricochet between falling back and springing forward.  I doubt we have enough coffee to get me through the day.

So this morning, I am particularly grateful that Daylight Savings Time is on the ballot tomorrow in CA. There are so many important things to be voting on tomorrow, but for today, this is the measure I’m thinking most about. With any luck, we can kiss this artificial time swap good-bye.

And please make a plan to VOTE tomorrow.  Our democracy is only as strong as the voices which make themselves heard.  Your vote is your voice — and we have proof that EVERY VOTE COUNTS.

Make a plan.  Take a friend.  GET OUT AND VOTE.*

*And if you’re in California, please consider voting to end Daylight Savings Time.  We will all sleep a little better. 

Photo:  November 3rd offered us the most spectacular and fiery sunset as we were leaving SF.  This was taken from Treasure Island with my iPhone 6.

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