Just a Blog Away: Fishermen and Poets

There is so much creativity and wonder out there in the blogging world and I need to grab more of it in 2018.  That’s one of my goals for the new year. I don’t make resolutions because resolutions are notoriously bad at holding up over time. Goals, though, are doable. Specific. They can be tracked and documented.

So once a week I hope to read and share something special and share it with all of you. As is my own little blog, the content will vary wildly, I’m sure. I hope, though, if it is meaningful to me, it will offer a grain of wonder for you, too.

I could wait until January 1st — as New Year’s tradition would dictate — but I found this post today and there is something about the open sea, the craggy coast, and the people who live in that space that draws me in. Something special. And then there’s poetry.  Poetry is what happens when life is boiled down and crystallizes. It’s the nuggets of sparkle we find at the bottom of life lived.

So today I share with you a story about Dangerous Dave, a fisherman and poet.

via Meet Dangerous Dave, the death-defying fisherpoet

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