Happy Thanksgiving to my blogging world

So many things to be thankful for!  I’ve tried to spend the last month being really aware of the things I’m grateful for, but here are a few more, just for today:

*So grateful to have my girls both home, making a mess out of the house.  Someday, there will be no one left to make the mess anymore and I’m sure part of me will miss it.

*Onions and garlic roasting and sauteing — filling the house with the smells of my grandmother and mom.  Certain smells take me back, through wonderful memories — and I’m grateful for that bit of time-travel.

*Beautiful blue skies with all sorts of interesting cloud formations. When I look up, I see so much possibility.

*Phone calls to my family who live far away and it suddenly feels like they’re sitting at the kitchen table with me, sipping coffee and talking story. I miss them and I’m grateful for our long-distance talks.

*Butter, sugar, and flour — because so many sweet things are born from just those three things. Imagine the creativity of the person who first decided to try mixing those three ingredients. My sweet tooth and I are so grateful to that individual.

*The many forms of inspiration: whether it’s a blue sky or pouring rain — a happy dog or a laughing child — I’m so grateful for the moments that spark creativity in myself and others.

*I may be making Thanksgiving dinner, but I am not hosting here — which means that I do not need to clean.  YAY for that!

*And paper plates.  As we’re taking dinner to my elderly in-laws, we’ll be using paper plates — so just for today, I’m grateful not to have to wash dishes.  We’ll recycle the paper and go back to ceramic dishes tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  May your day be filled with laughter, love, peace, and light, whether you celebrate with a big crowd or enjoy a quieter afternoon.  I’m grateful for this space and place — and all of you.

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