November Days of Gratitude: In the 11th Month, on the 11th Day, we remember

To those who serve, to those who have protected our freedoms — to those who understand, more than anyone else, what it means to “put country first” — to our Veterans, we thank you.

We stand with you today — as we should stand with you every day. We, as a country, must ask ourselves how we can best serve you throughout your service and when you return to civilian life. How can we be there with the right supports when the demons of war keep you up at night? How can we put into action the belief that your life is as precious as the freedoms you fought for?

My father, an American citizen growing up in Greece during WWII, served in the Greek underground in the fight against Mussolini first and then Hitler. There were some stories he’d share, but most he kept very close to his heart. His thoughts about war and defending one’s freedoms were complicated, as you might imagine, but he never wavered in the belief that one must protect one’s country.

*I took these two pictures of the Korean War Memorials when we were visiting DC a couple of years ago with our girls.  There’s so much to love about each of the war memorials in DC, but there is something about the Korean Memorial and how it places you in the middle of the rice paddies, as well as among those who served, that brings it closer to home.

Our freedoms require fierce protection; and those who serve deserve more than just our gratitude, they deserve our loyalty and support.

Happy Veteran’s Day — with much gratitude to all who serve.


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