November Days of Gratitude: Pieces of Your Heart

They walk around the world
In their torn jeans,
wearing flip flops,
ponytails and home-done manicures.
Not children any longer,
their days and dreams grow,
take them farther from home.
Still, though,
a rapid-fire response,
fierce protection of any slight,
day or night — can trigger out from my spirit,
like darts being thrown in self-defense.

In the next breath, in uncharted depths — 
This one’s voice, that one’s laughter
swells in my heart, pieces
given as sacraments
to the world.

Today, I’m thinking about how grateful I am to my two daughters — girls who are now young women and who have taught me more about the depths of love, the course of laughter, the joy in giving than I can ever put into words. They’ve also taught me about frustration — and doing hard things — about bucking what’s popular — and taking a stand. I’m a better person for having had children who have, by their very presence, demanded I be better and more than I ever was before.  Ah, motherhood.

Someone once told me that motherhood is when you have pieces of your heart walking around, outside of your body. I don’t know about you, but that resonates so much with me. My children have been the greatest gifts I’ve ever received — and for them, I will forever be a grateful mom.

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