A Photo a Day: Hanging around Bozeman, MT. (and oh, yeah . . . a bear)

When we’re in Bozeman, I love to shop Main Street and discover new restaurants. Yes, they’re big on bison and steaks — but there are wonderful “other” options if you’re game. If you haven’t been to FEED in Bozeman, it may be one of my favorite places. Fresh and delicious — with darling decor. I’m not a food critic, but I find it full of farm charm. Husband and I don’t agree on this one, but MSU daughter requested a lunch visit there so I was thrilled.  I took just a few shots.

Then it was an afternoon of getting Daughter set up with her fridge, a trip to Costco — all the parenting duties associated with Parents Weekend. It was a bit much for our dear college girl who needed a nap, so Husband and I started driving to Livingston.  We never made it, though, because just out of town were signs for the Montana Grizzly Encounter  which said it was a Grizzly rescue sanctuary.  We took the next exit ramp.

As we paid our entrance fee, I was afraid we’d just fallen into a tourist trap, but as it turns out, it really is a privately owned bear rescue sanctuary and they have 5 or 6 bears, all with heartbreaking stories. All now being cared for and loved.

At that point, the wind kicked up and the chill got way chillier. I’m not much for the cold, but I sat through all the instructions on what to do if I run into a bear (don’t run, lay flat on my belly, protect my neck — presumably with my arms that the bear can eat — and when the bear is done, walk — don’t run — to safety).  All the while, I thought — yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to remember all that, but thank you.

The two larger bears apparently declined the invitation to come out into the yard, but Sheena, a very old and small brown grizzly was happy to lumber out and say hello.  Soon, she was playing in the pond, chewing on a floating log.

Tomorrow, we’re heading into East Yellowstone.  I’d love to see a bear in the wild (from the safety of my car, thank you) and maybe some wolves.  But honestly, I’ll just be happy to spend one more day with our daughter before we head home.  One more day before you start getting boring shots again of the stuff of regular ol’ life, things like toothbrushes and coffee pots.

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