A Photo a Day: What good is a challenge if it doesn’t challenge you?

I almost missed it.  But if you’re on the West Coast, today is still:

DAY #10

I’ve been so upset and heartbroken since the news out of Nevada hit yesterday morning that I couldn’t get my brain wrapped around taking any pictures. I kept wondering what images ground us, what do we do that centers us back in our world? I knew that a hike in the hills would do the trick — maybe traveling into the City — or disappearing into a museum, but none of those were going to fit into the confines of the day’s schedule.  But a trip to the supermarket not only fit into the schedule, but would be necessary if anyone in the house was going to eat. So I grabbed my camera.

The other day, I was the crazy lady shouting at squirrels in the trees.  Today, much to my daughter’s chagrin, I was the crazy lady taking pictures of egg cartons and carrots, chickens and skeletons. It was only after I starting shooting did I realize that grounding ourselves our everyday moments are what centers us in our world. Noticing the colors, lines, and shapes of those things that we see every day, wakes us up to the present. I know I’m sounding very Zen like — and as an aside, we just had a lively dinner conversation about Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse, which my daughter is reading in her HS English class, but I digress. There really is something to this amazing moment we call the present.

So today . . . I bring you images from my supermarket.  I will try to group them as best I can, so you can get the most out of each moment.  Watch out . . . crazy lady in aisle 7!

First, there were the chickens, my favorite stop for dinner:


But there are so many other poultry places! It does beg the age old question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

I love the perspective of looking down the aisles of cheese or veggies.  How I managed to avoid getting shoppers in my shots is a mystery.  Of course, there is a slight possibility that they were avoiding me.


Today, I relished my time in the veggie section — a section of the store that my daughter avoids like the plague. She only eats beige food — even now, at 17.  That she is a healthy kid is a wonder. It’s why I believe in God.

I quickly nabbed a shot of all that delicious bread but I could not linger — otherwise, given how I was feeling, I might have bought a loaf (and butter) and had the whole thing for dinner.  I ask you, is there anything better than bread and butter? It is the ultimate comfort food.


Signs that autumn is in full swing are everywhere, but I only got two shots because Daughter was rolling her eyes and rolling the cart out of my reach . . .

But then we turned the corner and Halloween seemed to jump out at me:


But lest you get too cozy with those skeletons and rats, remember they’ll be gone in a flash. No worries,  because it’s never too early for sleigh bells and ho-ho-ho-ing. After all, it’s what Santa sips.


That’s it for today’s shots.  Gotta run — because I have to start thinking about Day #11.  Maybe I’ll shoot the mailboxes since I have get the mail anyway.

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