The Moment the Healthcare Vote and One Teen’s Life Intersect is a Critical Moment for All

How ironic is it that on the day the Senate is set to vote on a disastrous healthcare bill that is aimed at taking health care away from millions, raising costs for everyone, and giving a whopping tax break to millionaires — on the day that they may cast their vote for that horrible, terrible, no good, very bad bill —  my 19 year old has an appointment with a geneticist to find out if she has Ehrlos-Danlos, a degenerative and painful soft tissue / joint disease?

Forget that she’s had migraines since she was 10, or that she was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (putting her on the autism spectrum)  as a teenager; if diagnosed, this will put her squarely in the camp of having a pre-existing condition.  Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that any protections for those with pre-existing conditions will probably be taken away? So great.

She’s 19, going into her Sophomore year in college, double-majoring in mechanical engineering technology and human geography.  She’s about to achieve her first degree black belt in Kajukenbo, likes to ride dirt bikes, and has started to learn rock climbing. This was her third summer volunteering for a camp for children with chronic, debilitating, and  life-threatening diseases.  She’s also been working as an engineering intern for the City’s port.  Yesterday, her boss told her that she’s the best intern they’ve ever had.

Nothing — NOTHING — has ever held her back, but if today brings about a new diagnosis, that will make life far more challenging. And if today’s Senate vote repeals the ACA and replaces it with a bill that is designed to hurt millions, it will hurt my daughter greatly. The irony of both happening on the same day makes my heart hurt.

People get sick.  People deal with stuff.  She knows that. Heck, she’s already been dealing with the hand she was dealt. Beautifully.  With the proper health care, she will make the best out of her life.  And she will thrive.

BUT . . .

Without healthcare? I have no idea what might happen. I will do whatever it takes to make sure she has the care she needs, but at some point, she won’t be covered by my insurance. At some point, I’ll grow too old to work.  At some point . . . the unthinkable. Then what?

Please consider the children, the young adults . . . consider the aged and the infirm . . . the working poor and the poor poor . . . Call your Senator and tell them to reject this terrible bill.  Tell them to work on improving the ACA.  Maybe tell them to support single-payer.  Make your voice heard.

Call your Senator: (202) 224-3121.  They will direct you to your Senator.

FAX THEM!  This is the EASIEST way to make your voice heard:  Fax “RESIST” to 504-09. It will take 2 minutes and your Senator will get your fax right away.  





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