Random thoughts, which may be a product of a middle aged brain

I think I qualify as a middle aged woman.  And then the thought crosses my mind that if that is so, I have plans to live well past 100.  This morning, though, maybe because of middle age, my brain is hopping around randomly.  So here goes . . . some random morning thoughts:

I’m starting to dig in to the new curriculum and have invited my teammates to join me for lunch.  My hope is that they’ll keep me on task.  Without them here, I drift and dawdle.  I must do something about this summer brain — it’s not ready to come back.

My wanderlust is kicking up again — but the frustration is that school is also starting. We have one more trip scheduled to Newport Beach before school starts, but I have a need to escape the barrage of news stories that seem to hit every day.  I want to live as a tourist.

To that end . . . I’m making a list of weekend trips we can take.  I find it so frustrating that we’re tethered to the school calendar, but we can fly around the Bay Area and explore towns I’ve never been to.  I don’t know if I’ll feel like a tourist, but maybe I can pretend.

The news, oi, the news . . . I feel like we’re living an episode of Stranger Things and we’ve crossed over into the Upside Down. I’ve tried not to get too political here, but it really seems like everything comes back to the disastrous roller coaster ride we’re on in this country: healthcare, education, finance . . . truth and the American way.  The swamp is not only deep and murky — it’s downright dangerous.

To deal with the onslaught of terrible, horrible, shocking news, I’ve started to exercise more.  I even hired a personal trainer.  She keeps me accountable.  Accountability is a good thing.

I miss Greece.  See?  I told you this would be a post with random thoughts.  I heard last night that Rhodes was hit with a 6.7 earthquake.  With tsunami warnings for several islands.  My heart aches just thinking about it.

I’ve spent a lot of time this summer rifling through old photos.  Vacation pics and family photos . . . when the girls were young and cuddly . . . of long-gone family . . . of friends I miss.  Some of my digging around has stirred up some ideas, things I want to write about — but just as often, I sit staring, stuck in a memory.

I wonder if all of this .  . . these random thoughts and this quiet house, the realization that I should exercise more and the urge to toss aside everything to travel . . . is part of this new stage of middle age?  If it is, I’m in for a ride.

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