An iPhone Sunset, one among millions: a visual cliche

Quick! Click
The most beautiful 
sunset is the one that hangs 
over us right now. 

Typical evening . . . Husband and I went out for a walk with the dog.  The night before, I’d grabbed my camera, but only nabbed a couple of shots that I’ll post here.  We’d walked by the creek that is still running (strange for our hot summers, but we had a very wet winter) and by the beautiful, historic Baptist church.  But overall, I was disappointed with my attention to the details . . . there were probably many more pictures hanging by the outer edge of my eyes. I didn’t get any of them.

Last night though, both my girls were out for the evening and there is nothing more compelling than “mother worry” so I grabbed my phone — but I wanted our walk to be unencumbered.  No camera.

As we walked, the skies lit up . . . into a fiery brilliance.  And like a moth drawn to a flame, I had to start capturing it, even if everyone takes pictures of gorgeous sunsets with their iPhones — even if these are piled on the millions of others that have been taken before . . . even if my iPhone, my sunset pictures, and I were a cliche.

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