To reach every student, every day; Breaking for AVID so I can fill up my tool kit.

I am very excited that over the next three days I will be at the AVID Summer Institute in Sacramento.  While I’ve used AVID strategies and have been part of my school’s AVID team of educators, this is my first “official” AVID conference.  I’ll be taking the strand for Cultural Relevance to Transform Teachers.  The “launches” (pre-course work) I’ve just completed for that strand make me think that this will work in beautifully with my work with our district SEED group.

So I may not post much over the next three days — or my posts may be random thoughts and reflections about what I’m learning.  At the end of the week, I’ll give you a run-down of what I’ve picked up.  I love sharing what I’ve learned!

Have a great week everyone.  I’ve now got to put on my Educator’s cap.  How quickly the summer flies . . .


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