Please Pardon Our Distraction (Write Every Day #4)

My morning quiet.  I cherish it.  It’s in the quiet of daybreak that I can think . . . and it’s the best time for me to write.  If I don’t write as I sip that first cup of morning coffee, the noise of the day gets too loud and pulls me away from that tiny quiet space.

This morning, though, I’m already distracted.  You see, James Comey is testifying before the Senate Committee and I find myself scouring social media for clues as to what might happen.  Last night, my husband and I saw the San Jose production of CABARET, set in Nazi Germany — and rather than echos of a distant past, it felt like the kind of reflection you might see in flood waters.  It’s just way too close for comfort.

So please pardon my distraction as I focus on the pressing political pandemonium.

I’ll see you all again tomorrow.  Stay woke, my friends.

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