Write every day: Day 2 of Summer

I’m only on my first cup of coffee so I’m not convinced that I have anything wise or interesting yet to put on the page.  I had a rough night’s sleep — tossing and turning. Insomnia, that uninvited and unwelcomed guest, visited again.

As I grab my first cup of caffeine, I can’t stop thinking about Wonder Woman, the movie, which I saw the other night.  The United States could really could use her help right about now.  If she’s busy, maybe we could enlist the help of an island of Amazons. Given the state of our political affairs in the US, I think any rescuers might need a lot of coffee.

Somehow, though, I think we’re on our own to fight the evil.  Gather up your shields and swords . . . we’re in for a long battle, my friends.  Long battles require stamina and endurance.  For this one, we also need focus. For that, I don’t know about you, but I need a TO DO list.

Here is a list of things that I hope will help me fight the evil of our day.  They are not in any particular order, but are to be viewed as a gestalt.  Here goes:

  1. Those three or four books on my nightstand that I’ve started?  Read them.  I’m pretty sure they will light the way forward.
  2. Nurture my wanderlust; plan adventures. Especially to parts unknown, where I may meet those who are not like me and we can get to know each other for our inherent goodness. I don’t know if I’m ready for any deep red states; think purple and we’re talkin’.
  3.  Continue to find the energy to fight the seeds of fascism; has it really only been 5 or 6 months? Phone calls, post cards, marches!
  4. Eat cherries every day until there are no more.  Their season is way too short and they are high in anti-oxidants.
  5. Dust off the juicer.  Health first.
  6. Clean out closets (this one is on my To Do list in perpetuity).  Wonder woman didn’t have many outfits; I probably can do with a lot less and still fight fascism.
  7. Get to yoga class — even when my mind can’t quiet down.  Especially when my mind can’t quiet down.
  8. Experiment with new recipes and then break bread with friends and family. Nutrition and community matter in this fight.
  9. Look for miracles and blessings so I don’t dip into despair over the state of our national politics.  (See yesterday’s post about the red-tailed hawk; tiny miracles are everywhere.)
  10. Write every day for 30 days.  No matter what.  30 Days.

Two days gone . . . only 28 to go!

What’s on your TO DO list?  Grab some cherries and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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