On this day of darkness, when words fail . . .

I am utterly and heartbrokenly speechless about the violence this week.  There are no words that fit the day, that can deal with this darkness.  How do we address both the horrific police brutality that we’ve seen day after day and the tragic, awful shooting of peaceful police officers in Dallas?

What I do know is this:  we cannot be silent and nor can we shut out the voices we don’t agree with. We must dialogue, engage, and stand firm for justice. We must not cower to violence but instead must greet it with kindness and love. But the way forward is muddy and murky. It’s probably going to be messy.  It must not be bloody.

Just as that pesky weed in our garden is a blossom of beauty when we look very closely, so too are those with whom we disagree or dislike the face of humanity.  When I get a close up of a weed, I have to physically move in . . . I have to look for the light that shines through it. So today, move in close.  Let the light shine in the darkness.  Engage. Find nuggets of humanity. Nurture them.

Wishing you peace.

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