Spring Break in DC: What I learned

I love to travel.  Pack my bags, live out of a suitcase, walk until my toes hurt kind of travel. Even with teenagers. This year, we realized, would be our last Spring Break as a family.  With one kid going off to a far-away college, our schedules will no longer sync; everyone will start doing their own thing.  So this year, we headed to DC — which might be my all-time favorite city in the world. Here are a few things I learned:
1. Selfie sticks are a thing. And they look dangerous.
2. In the nation’s Capitol, security is everything.
3. You probably won’t see the President (or the Oval Office) when on a tour of the White House (even if hopes run high). Be prepared to be disappointed (we weren’t prepared and we were disappointed).  We took comfort in knowing we were walking in the very steps where the first family has walked — where every first family has walked.
4. Just because a daughter SAYS she hates history, doesn’t mean she won’t lap it up like honey.
5. The Spy Museum is better than you think it will be, so you should always give in to your daughter’s whimsical wish and just go.
6. The American Indian Museum is a quiet gem of the City and has the best cafeteria food around. EAT THERE.
7. Spring break means you do not get away from school children. But they’re not your class, so you can just walk on by. However, you might run into one of your kids anyway. And it will be wonderful.
8. One hotel room for a family of four (with two teenage girls) works, but it can be touch and go.
9. A good hotel will have scores of umbrellas to loan out.
10. East coast weather is terribly unpredictable and will challenge you daily. Overpack, no matter what Rick Steves says.IMG_5970

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